Polished MDF 

Production in Russia.

Today polished MDF and HDF is the most practical and in demand product for manufacturing furniture and interior finishes. The high density, uniform structure and excellent mechanical properties of these wood boards provide furniture manufacturers and interior designers with a wide range of creative options. Untreated wood boards can be laminated, covered with melamine, film or varnished, etc. Untreated KASTAMONU MDF and HDF boards are highly marketable products, and they meet the strictest international standards. They are available in the standard size of 2800 mm x 2070 mm with a thickness of 6 mm to 30 mm.

Laminated MDF

Production in Russia.

MDF/HDF boards covered with melamine have a dense homogeneous structure characterized by a high strength and resistance to static mechanical loads. Melamine coating is a special layer of decorative paper impregnated with melamine resins, which covers the board on all sides via hot pressing. Melamine coated boards are familiar to everyone, and have long since become classics in furniture production and interior decoration.

The boards are used to manufacture furniture, decorative cladding panels, open shelves and furniture fronts. KASTAMONU MDF/HDF melamine coated boards meet all the international standards. They are available in the standard size of 2800 mm x 2070 mm with a thickness of 16 mm and 19 mm.

High-gloss MDF

Production in Russia.

Evogloss is a new type of glossy board for the modern hi-tech interior. Kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, cloakrooms and even the walls of any living space will acquire a characteristic glossy shine if decorated with Evogloss boards.

Evogloss is made of durable and reliable MDF covered with PVC film with a thickness of 0.3 mm. This coating is known for its shiny surface and bright rich color, as well as its resistance to scratching, the impact of organic products (oil, vinegar, tea, coffee, etc.), and household products (washing powder, bleaching agents, detergents). Evogloss panels are available in the size 2800 x 1220 mm, with four different thicknesses: 8, 10, 16 and 18 mm.

The boards are offered in a wide range of decorative products, which is regularly updated in consideration of the major trends of the finishing materials market.

Evogloss is manufactured in Russia.

Melamine-faced Chipboard

Production in Turkey.

Melamine-faced chipboard is durable, economical, unpretentious, and has good aesthetic characteristics. On the strength of these optimal consumer characteristics, this material has been the most popular for the mass production of furniture and decorations for the past 50 years. Melamine-faced chipboard from KASTAMONU meets the highest international standard and comes in 12 different textures. The range of decors comprises more than 100 variants of the most contemporary patterns and colours, including imitating different species of tree. Panels are available as either single- and double-sided.
Laminated chipboard is used for finishing all types of premises, kitchens and bathrooms, as well as manufacturing furniture frames, facades and modules. It is available in two standard dimensions, 2100x2800mm and 1830x3660mm, with a thickness from 6 to 30mm.

Painted MDF and Chipboard

Production in Turkey.

In addition to untreated and laminated panels, KASTAMONU also produces a series of MDF and chipboard painted with environmentally-friendly water-based paint. Panels are available as either single- or double-sided. It is available in a wide range of colours from single tones to imitation woods. Such panels are also ideal for decorative foil, veneers, woods, etc.
Used mainly in furniture production for the manufacture of rear walls, doors, sliding drawers and interior elements, cupboards and dressers. Like all other products, painted MDF and chipboards meet the highest world standards.
Painted MDF panels are produced at a size of 2100x2800mm with a thickness from 3 to 18mm, and also a size of 2100x1700 with a thickness of 3mm. Painted chipboard is produced at a size of 2100x2800mm with a thickness from 6 to 18mm.

Fire-resistant panels

Production in Turkey.

Fire-resistant panels are panels of MDF or chipboard without finishing, but with a special fireproof treatment and a distinctive internal layer. This is our new development, designed specifically for public places with increased requirements for fire safety. KASTAMONU fire-resistant panels are characterised by low susceptibility to fire and low heat dissipation, and also low smoke emission and high resistance to fire damage.
Panels have a smooth surface and are an excellent base for melamine coverage, as well as for the production of fire-resistant parquet flooring. They are designed for the finishing of floors, walls, ceilings, doors and partitions in public places (libraries, cinemas, medical centres, educational institutions, prisons, etc.). The panels correspond to European standard EN13501-1, class B-s2, d0 (Euroclass B1 ).

Moisture-resistant panels

Production in Turkey.

New KASTAMONU moisture-resistant panels feature low moisture absorption and high mechanical strength thanks to a special treatment. Used in conditions of high humidity, they provide furniture and décor with durability and resistance to the elements. The smooth and homogeneous surface of the panels is suitable for all kinds of decorative coating. It is recommended for the manufacture of kitchen tops, window sills, furniture for bathrooms, foundations for flooring, for damp and unheated rooms (cabins, sheds, etc.). These panels are also well suited for the production of billboards, industrial packaging, the decoration of ship or car interiors, etc.
They are available in a standard size of 1830x3660mm at a thickness of 18, 28 or 38mm.

Light panels

Production in Turkey.

Light panels consist of sandwich-panels, with external layers of thin chipboard (thickness 4-8mm) or MDF (thickness 3-6mm) at a high density, affixed onto both sides of a light but durable honeycomb of thickness from 30 to 100mm. Despite the low weight, such panels have high strength and good thermal and sound insulation. Available in a wide range of décors, it is economical and environmentally friendly.
Used in the manufacture of furniture, doors, decorative interiors, finishing touches, trailers, etc.


Production in Russia.

FLOORPAN - high-quality laminate flooring brand.

This product is presented in a wide range, with about 70 decors, which are divided for customer convenience into collections with abrasion class 31, 32, and 33.

FLOORPAN laminate meets the modern international standards ISO 9001:2008, BS OHSAS 18001:2007, CE and has the respective certification.

All FLOORPAN decors are developed by the German companies Schattdecor and Interprint, which are world renowned in the interior design industry.

The special Uniclick locking system means FLOORPAN boards can be laid quickly and with ease, and without any prior training.

FLOORPAN laminated floors are suitable for both residential and public buildings.

Learn all about the FLOORPAN collection here:


Production in Romania.

DORPAN door skins are produced in Romania using modern German equipment and are exported to 41 countries around the world from India to Central America. Every tenth MDF-based door in the world is DORPAN. 17 million units of this door are produced every year, and the DORPAN brand is well-known and recognised around the world. The high quality of DORPAN doors and skins are ensured by the high quality of production technology and equipment, as well as the composition and quality of raw materials.
The portfolio consists of 14 design options from classical to modern, dozens of colour options and the most popular variants of size and surface texture.


Produced in Romania.

TECHNOTOP countertops are of the highest quality, and can be used both in kitchens and bathrooms. TECHNOTOP means quality raw materials, modern equipment and the most cutting-edge technologies.

These countertops are made of moisture-resistant or standard particleboard, with a protective CPL and HPL plastic coating. It is used on the top and bottom surface of a moisture-resistant layer, protecting the work surface from moisture and water. This characteristic makes TECHNOTOP an excellent choice for application in kitchens and bathrooms, where hygiene is of particular importance. In view of its price TECHNOTOP is a great alternative to acrylic based granite and marble countertops. In addition, the surface of the countertops is highly resistant to scratching, heat, steam, water, stains, physical impacts and abrasion, and it is easy to clean. The modern decors of our countertops provide our customers with a wide range of options for any interior design. Available in a variety of decors, both plain and textured, imitating wood and other natural surfaces that combine perfectly with the glossy surface finish of kitchens and bathrooms.


1 ‘Euroclass B’ is the highest possible class. This should not be transliterated as ‘Euroclass V’