The Quality of KASTAMONU

The Quality of KASTAMONU


KASTAMONU – It’s huge experience in the field of woodworking

Founded in 1969 in Istanbul, KASTAMONU today is one of the worlds’ leading manufacturers of woodworking industry.


KASTAMONU – It’s the full production cycle

On one site, we handle all aspects of the production cycle:
· Production of HDF panels
· Manufacturing of resins
· Impregnation
· Panels and profiling
· Packaging of final products


KASTAMONU – It’s the high quality of products

In our laboratories we constantly check the quality of products for compliance with the standards of Turkey, Russia and EU countries. Research is not only conducted in the sphere of quality improvement, but also in the field of ecological production. Our specialists are finding solutions to minimise the volume of industrial waste and emissions into the environment. KASTAMONU has certified products according to the standards ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001.


KASTAMONU – It’s a concern for the environment

· Active participation in various social programmes
· Assistance in projects to rebuild an support natural habitats
· Wrestling with the problem of harmful emissions
· KASTAMONU is one of the founding and active members of the ENAT project, which seeks to increase the area of forest plantation and the annual planting of fast-growing tree species


KASTAMONU – It’s favourable conditions for partners and distributors

We have created favourable working conditions, developed a special loyalty programme and stimulate sales for our clients.


KASTAMONU – It’s the wide-ranging logistics opportunities

· A warehouse complex with a total area of 55000m²
· Dedicated branch line
· The capability for container and wagon shipments
· 24-hour shipments for client orders
· Close proximity to Federal Highway M7


KASTAMONU – It’s the real price of products

Not only do we create quality products, we want to make it available to the mass market. Our prices are therefore very competitive.


KASTAMONU – It’s production in Russia!

Investing more than $600 million in Russian production, KASTAMONU has created the largest woodworking plant in Europe.